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Freitag Homeopathics products were developed as a result of over 25 years
experience in Natural and Homeopathic Medicine.  After finishing their education at the
Hahnemann-College D.H. in Germany, the founders Helga and Hans-Kurt
Freitag opened their first Homeopathic Medicine Clinic in 1975 Hessen, Germany.  In the
following years, both Helga and Hans expanded their knowledge through
additional courses and clinical experience.

ImageThroughout the years of practise, Helga and Hans-Kurt continuously treated patients with a wide variety of diseases in advanced stages – many of which had been turned away by most other avenues and methods of treatment that modern medicine has to offer. This is why Helga and Hans-Kurt encountered countless complicated cases of rare and common diseases.

The suffering patients in need of help forced Helga to continuously search for better ways of providing successful and beneficial treatments. In an effort to develop effective therapies to aid patients, the approach of attacking disease had to be changed continuously. Initially, Homeopathic Medicine was used to find a balance in fighting disease, then Neural Therapy, Acupuncture (Dr. Reinhard Voll's methods) and eventually Injecto-acupuncture. Hyperbaric Ozone treatments were added which proved extremely effective in drastically reducing virus, fungal and some bacterial infections.

Increased amounts of different types of disease-causing microbes occurred at around 1992. It proved to be more difficult to find methods to eliminate this invasion of new pathogens attacking the human body.  Apparently this change was also noted by the medical society.  Former methods were less effective. Cancer also developed in such a way that it became far more resistant and invasive than it used to be. This was due to the mutation of cancer-causing microbes.  Mutation is due to changes in the environment (changes in global climate/environment and overuse of antibiotics will result in changes within organisms including microbes).

Mutated or not, the question of why microbes can thrive in the human body occurred. Louis Pasteur, a famous French Scientist, stated that "the microbe is nothing - the breeding ground is the cause of all diseases."  Our bodies offer the breeding ground because their internal environments are not healthy. They are not healthy because of damaged and mutated Genes. When genes are mutated, the body suffers a loss of enzymes because a mutated gene will fail to give the right messages to the enzymes. This will result in the lack of the correct enzymes. When enzymes are lacking, the internal environment changes.  This changed internal environment is then a breeding ground for pathogens. According to Prof. Guenther Enderlein there are four groups of pathogens: fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria. Due to the continuously changing internal environment the existing pathogens also mutate and change into infinite varieties of pathogens. Defense systems strike when pathogens have invaded.  However, there are many mutated pathogens that are unrecognizable to the defense mechanisms (immune systems), making the immune system useless. The only way to eliminate these pathogens is to change the internal environment back to its healthy state. In a healthy environment the pathogens die on their own. There are fifty known DNA-repair mechanisms within the human body. Homeopathy is a provocation-activation treatment.  Helga Freitag had the idea to activate the DNA repair mechanisms with homeopathic combinations to re-establish a healthy internal environment. Initially, she was not sure if this was possible.  She experimented with homeopathic combinations with positive results (presumably the DNA repair systems are activated). Without tackling bacteria itself in its environment in the body, she corrected the environment of the body and the bacteria were no longer able to live.
After these findings, Helga Freitag knew that any condition could be treated unless the disease has progressed beyond repair in the whole body or in a single organ.

In the following 10 years she invented homeopathic combinations to return the body into a balanced, healthy state. These combinations were found through extensive research and countless tests.  All of them were changed and perfected over time.

Freitag Homeopathics Inc. is now in the process of beginning to offer these homeopathic remedies to other health practitioners, and to educate them on product use for their patients.  The main goal is to help prevent serious illnesses and diseases by repairing the DNA before serious diseases develop.

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The main goal is to help prevent serious illnesses and diseases by repairing the DNA before serious diseases develop.