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The Natural Medicine Centre is our HCR Homeopathics Healing Clinic and Research location.
We welcome you to join us at the Centre and/or to partake in our long-distance healing options.

The Natural Medicine Centre uses the methods of Freitag Homeopathics.
To make an appointment call (613) 273-2200
We are located near Westport, Ontario, Canada, approximately 50km North of Kingston.

Long Distance Treatment Option



The Long Distance Treatment does not require you to physically come to the Natural Medicine Centre in Ompah, Ontario.  This way of treatment is suggested for clients who are unable to come for a consultation either.


The Long Distance Patient must enclose in a letter/package the following:
(1) A paragraph or two explaining the health history of the Patient as well as current health status.
(2) Attach any [copies of] medical files that are available. (voluntary)
(3) A list of Medications that the Patient is currently on (include amount and frequency consumption)
(4) Place FULL name of Patient, Mailing Address, Work and Home Phone Number, Date of Birth and Email Address (if available), with patient history.
(5) PREPARE your TESTING SAMPLE:  Cut and bind a lock of hair from your head ( it is OK even if hair is coloured) and include it in your letter/package.

(6) INCLUDE a CHEQUE with the hair sample.
The pricing is as follows:

First test (adult): $113.00
First test (child 1-17yrs): $79.10

Follow-up tests (adult): $79.10
Follow-up tests (child): $56.50

Remedies: $25.99


and place it in envelope or package.

Natural Medicine Centre
Helga Freitag
133 Sunnyside Rd.
RR#2, Westport, ON
K0G 1X0


Upon receiving your letter/package at the Natural Medicine Centre, your serum or hair sample will be tested. After the test has been completed, finding what medication you require, the office staff will get in touch with you by phone. At this point you will be informed of how many remedies you need and the total cost of the test and medication.

Food Considerations


Dietary considerations:
We recommend vegetables imported from the USA. If buying Canadian produce we recommend organic. 
We recommend Concord grapes over other types of grapes (no pesticides). 
Try to eat fruits that are in season. Note that cirtrus fruits are in season in Winter. 
Produce and fruit from Mexico and Guatemala could contain pesticides such as DDT so we recommend not buying from those countries (except Acocado and Mango). 
We recommend not consuming potatoes and other root vegetables from the month of April until the new crop is available. This is to avoid mold that will have grown in storage (may not be visible). 
Avoid all Nestle products and Kellogg's products due to chemicals in packaging that leaks into food. 
Avoid all Presiden't choice products containing flour because mouse dropping were found in them. 
Avoid frozen vegetables from India. 
Avoid herbal products from China such as tea, as well as vegetables and spices such as garlic and mushrooms. 
Avoid plastic straws and dishes from China. 
Avoid Crest toothpaste.
We recommend eating fresh, organic and unprocessed foods. 

Location and Directions

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Natural Medicine Centre
Helga Freitag
133 Sunnyside Rd.

RR#2, Westport, ON

K0G 1X0

phone: (613) 273-2200


Location map is on the contacts page

If you require accommodation while you visit the Natural Medicine Centre, see below.



NOTE: For GPS use Rideau Lakes instead of Westport, Ontario


Suggested routes

  1. 122 km, 1 hour 41 mins
    Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7 W
Driving directions to 133 Sunnyside Rd, Rideau Lakes, ON K0G 1V0 3D
1. Head southwest on Albert St/Ottawa Rd 42 toward O'Connor St/Ottawa Rd 87
120 m
2. Take the 1st left onto O'Connor St/Ottawa Rd 87
1.3 km
3. Turn right to merge onto ON-417 W
26.5 km
4. Take exit 145 for Ontario 7 W toward Carleton Place/Toronto
1.8 km
5. Merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7 W
59.0 km
6. Turn left onto Glen Tay Rd (signs for Glen Tay Road)
400 m
7. Turn left onto Christie Lake Rd
92 m
8. Take the 1st right onto Glen Tay Rd
2.9 km
9. Turn right onto Scotch Line/County Rd 10
Continue to follow County Rd 10
24.1 km
10. Continue onto Main St/Regional Rd 10
Continue to follow Regional Rd 10
650 m
11. Turn left onto Concession St/County Rd 42 E (signs for Regional Road 42/Regional Road 10)
Continue to follow County Rd 42 E
3.8 km
12. Turn left onto Golf Course Rd
900 m
13. Take the 1st right onto Sunnyside Rd
Destination will be on the left
800 m
133 Sunnyside Rd
Rideau Lakes, ON K0G 1V0



Kingston, ON
1. Head west on Brock St toward Sydenham St
550 m
2. Turn right onto Division St
4.2 km
3. Continue onto Perth Rd/County Rd 10
Continue to follow Perth Rd
41.3 km
4. Continue onto County Rd 10
1.4 km
5. Turn right onto Hutchings Rd
5.6 km
6. Turn left onto County Rd 42 W
2.3 km
7. Turn right onto Golf Course Rd
900 m
8. Take the 1st right onto Sunnyside Rd
Destination will be on the left
800 m
133 Sunnyside Rd
Rideau Lakes, ON, K0G 1V0

Recommended Accommodations in Westport


The Cove Country Inn & Spa
The Cove Country Inn

62 Google reviews
3-star hotel · 4.6 km away ~ riverside property with pool
Address2 Bedford St, Westport, ON K0G 1X0
Phone(613) 273-3636