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“I can't manage without homeopathy. In fact, I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I often make use of them.”

- Paul McCartney

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What is DNA ?

DNA - Genes - Enzymes

The human body consists of approximately 75 trillion cells of 200 varieties. The nucleus of each of these cells holds 46 chromosomes on two strands of DNA. Each strand holds 23 chromosomes, and is one meter long. The DNA is assembled in a double helix shape. A special packing system allows it to fit in one nucleus of a diameter of 0.006mm. During fertilization, one strand from the egg and one strand from the sperm combine. These two strands of chromosomes contain approximately 60,000 genes. The genes are the basis for all the processes and structures of life, containing the building instructions of the whole organism and about 3 billion chemical code letters which maintain all the bodily functions and the internal environment. The actual gene does not run the system, it gives a message to the enzymes (proteins) and they run the system. Without a message from the gene there is no activity. Assuming that one gene is responsible for one enzyme, this would mean the body runs on a minimum of 60,000 enzymes maintaining bodily functions and internal environment. The above is a very basic explanation. For more detailed information please consult an advanced book on cell biology. If you would like to know more about how diseases develop click here (The Cause of Disease).

What is Disease?

The Cause of Disease

1. All diseases are essentially linked to damaged, mutated or deleted (genes).

2. Every individual is born with DNA damages of varying amounts.  They are inherited. New damages are added in a lifetime. Radiation and toxins create DNA-damages. These toxins include environmental toxins, food additives, pharmaceuticals, stress, depression and toxins from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

3.   DNA damages mean:
The body is run through an interconnected network of messages and responses to messages. Enzymes run the message transference. Instead of a network of cables like the telephone system, the body uses enzymes (hormones, proteins, catalysts, and transmitters).  When there is no message there is no enzyme. When there is a wrong message there is a wrong and useless enzyme.  A deleted gene cannot give a message, a mutated gene sends the wrong message. There are always many defect genes/base pairs and therefore many enzymes are missing. The result of this is a changed internal environment where pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites) find their proper breeding ground. These pathogens are living organisms that need a source of nutrition. Pathogens feed and eliminate waste products in our body like any other living organism. They deplete the body of certain nutrients, and produce toxins. Toxins in turn create DNA-damages; a vicious cycle begins. The larger the variety and amount of pathogens in the body, the more types and amounts of toxins are released.  The more toxins there are in the body, the weaker and less resistant the body gets. A patient’s vicious cycle will be named a particular disease, depending on what symptoms develop. The symptoms, the last outcome of the DNA-damages such as tumors, skin eruptions and arthritis are targeted by conventional medicine.

The environment around us is full of microbes. Scientists estimate the amount of microbes at 1.5 billion. Nothing is entirely sterile. We must be able to live in a symbiosis with these microbes without getting infected.  Some microbes, such as intestinal bacteria, are part of the body. The defense system (immune system) is the back-up system when the body is out of balance and foreign pathogens invade the body.  Smart and tricky mutated pathogens are able to bypass the defense system. They are “invisible” to the immune system and are therefore not attacked by it.

When our DNA is damaged (enzymes are therefore missing), the internal environment changes and pathogens grow. Pathogens also can grow when our natural microbes (the good bacteria are missing), for example, antibiotics might not only kill selected bacteria, but also the good microbes throughout the body. 

What is the Solution ?

The Way of Natural Healing Therapeutics

There are a great variety of defense systems in the human body. Aside from the defense systems there are 50 different DNA repair systems that have been discovered this far. There is even a system that kicks in after the basic repairs are done, it is called the post-replication-recombination-system. It can eliminate gaps in the DNA which have escaped the primary repair systems. The DNA can potentially be 100% repaired. This is the duty of the DNA repair mechanisms. The assortment of chemicals in the environment has interrupted the natural balance of the body. They have paralyzed the DNA repair systems. Think of the body like the ecosystem. When herbicides are submitted to the environment the balance is thrown off. Certain types of insects and plants thrive while others disappear. With continuous application of chemicals nature will never again be able to correct itself. Unlike nature that is continuously bombarded with chemicals, the body can be forced to repair itself. Using even more chemicals however cannot do this. A natural, non-toxic force is needed that will return balance to the system. The Eco-system cannot be repaired either by using even more chemicals.

Homeopathy is a provocation-activation-treatment that can cause a reaction in the body.  The task of the Freitag Homeopathic Combinations is to activate the body's own repair systems (presumably the dna is repaired), returning the body into a healthy environment where no pathogens can survive. In this case the pathogens would not have to be killed with chemicals but die on their own. After elimination of pathogens and toxins, the body is able to heal and regenerate. Using concentrated herbal extracts, even certain teas, always contain toxic components. Freitag Homeopathic combinations are potentized to D12. This provides a provocative effect without being toxic. Freitag Homeopathics Herbal combinations can be used to eliminate great amounts of deposited toxins and pathogens.

During a lifetime a variety of DNA damages is accumulated. Increasing amounts of diseases are now known as genetic diseases, for example: kidney cell carcinoma (a deletion on chromosome 3), colon and rectal cancer (a deletion on chromosome 5), brain tumor and a variety of other cancers is a deletion on chromosome 9 with suppressor gene 1 and 2. These are just a few examples. In the years to come, it will be proven that all diseases are caused by DNA damages, which is really the only logical explanation.